3P dialoog spreker Nico Roozen

Nico Roozen can be considered the founding father of the new Solidaridad and the visionary thinker behind its current strategy and network structure. Since 1984, he gradually transformed a Dutch church-related development organization into a modern civil society organization with an international network structure with a rapidly growing budget and staff.

Roozen was the initiator of the first fair trade labeling initiative ‘Max Havelaar’ for coffee and bananas and founded fair trade companies like AgroFair and Kuyichi initiatives. He played an important role in transforming the Utz Kapeh company code into a CSR certification programme and the MADE-BY concept for sustainable cotton and textiles. More recently, Solidaridad has joined and co-developed the global Round Tables for soy, cotton, sugarcane, palm oil and livestock.

Under the leadership of Nico Roozen, Solidaridad has become a front runner in the area of sustainable economic development. Solidaridad aspires to transform production practices in such a way that it provides fair and profitable livelihoods and business opportunities, guarantees decent working conditions and a living income, and does not deplete the landscapes where people thrive, now and for generations to come.

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