Patagonia's Milieu Missie

In dit artikel van Business Inside, geschreven door Richard Feloni, schrijft hij over de milieu missie van Patagonia.

Wij zijn trots dat Ryan Gellert, General Manager EMEA, zijn verhaal over dit mooie bedrijf komt vertellen!

‘Patagonia has proven that it can draw in new customers by taking stances millions of consumers are passionate about, and these stances in turn attract talent that further ingrain this approach.’

  • Outdoor apparel company Patagonia‘s new mission is “We’re in business to save the planet.”
  • Its founder Yvon Chouinard has dedicated the company to environmental causes from the beginning, and they have attracted both customers and employees.
  • The new mission bolsters existing initiatives overseen by CEO Rose Marcario, who has quadrupled revenues over her 10-year tenure.
  • This article is part of Business Insider’s ongoing series on Better Capitalism.

Patagonia’s environmental mission hasn’t just been good for the planet — it’s also boosted the bottom line

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